Moon Mountain Sanctuary

Moon Mountain Sanctuary

A life beyond the all-consuming power of work has enabled Lynn and Ron Scott to fulfill a dream and vision of creating a place of beauty and inspiration based on wildness.

Dreams reach reality through passion and commitment. Lynn and Ron’s legacy will be a farm where art, nature and horses show it is possible to live harmoniously. It is a legacy based on thinking about lifestyle farms in a way that celebrates the contribution of people, art, nature, and animals to create a place based on re-wilding principles.

Now in their 70’s. Lynn and Ron are passionate about starting a conversation that explores these connections. In 2014, they bought a farm in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast Australia, a left-over relict from the dairy and beef farming days. The human disturbance of what was once rainforest left a landscape devoid of nature. The remnant wild corridors along the creeks barely hanging on as cattle plundered the ability of nature to regenerate and heal itself.

A belief that its possible for nature, people, animals and art to co-exist has created a lifestyle farm where the value and potential of re-wilding principles are being fulfilled. Today, the once missing dawn chorus of the birds announces the start of the day. Or looking out on the recently arrived mob of grey kangaroos grazing in the paddock sharing the grass resource with the herd of 12 horses. The wallabies, kangaroos, horses and birds gather around our home every morning. It’s a magical way to start the day. As the day progresses, the roos and horses seek shade in the shadows of the enormous sculptures that dot the farm.

The daring vision started with a barren cattle farm and now the farm has been transformed into a place of harmony and connection between people, nature, and art. The beauty created at Moon Mountain will continue into the future with the establishment of the Moon Mountain Trust. Lynn and Ron’s vision is that Moon Mountain will continue to inspire people to explore the rewilding of lifestyle farms where nature and people harmoniously co-exist.