Moon Mountain Sanctuary

Art and Design

Art takes many forms at Moon Mountain. Layered with this is the human search for beauty through creation. Sculptures dot the land, and each piece is carefully placed with the energy and forces of the sculpture and life forces guiding the creation of the Moon Mountain sculpture park.

The collection of sculptures created by both Australian and International artists is scattered throughout the farm. The visitor is led on an exploration of art that flows with the environment and enhances the natural energy of the land and can simply bring a moment of pleasure and inspiration to people’s lives.

The sculpture park started in the social isolation of Covid. Artists invited to Moon Mountain were chosen for their whimsical approach to life to show that life could still be joyous and fun. Now the artists invited to be part of Moon Mountain sculpture park are asked to bring a different interpretation of life to the collection.

The acquisitions of future sculptures will reflect the principles of rewilding. The first acquisition reflecting this theme will be a sculpture utilising the local rocks. While creating a visual interest to the eye, the piece will provide habits for the birds, reptiles and insects reinhabiting the farm. By adding the elements of rock to the landscape, it is possible to create a greater diversity of ecosystems than now represented.

One of the questions currently being explored is: What is art? Should future acquisitions flow from the human creativity, energy and muscle? Or should something made by machines in a foundry where the artist is only in control of the initial drawings or model be the future? The energy and muscle of the artist does not create the piece in much of the work that is displayed as art.

Undoubtedly, there is more rawness in the presentation than where an artist controls the entire creative and building process. The finesse achieved by computers and machines is difficult to match within the artist studio. This is not the point of art in our view. We are not seeking perfection but a true expression of creativity and collaboration.

We are encouraging artists who see their work as a collaboration with nature rather than a collaboration with machines. Our daring vision is to acquire work where the artist is truly part of the entire process and not the supervisor of the steel workers creating the piece. The consistent theme of seeking out wilderness then underpins every endeavour at Moon Mountain.