Moon Mountain Sanctuary

A Horse Story of Wildness

The first book, available now for purchase is A Horse Story of Wildness. Discover the magic of living in harmony and connection with the Moon Mountain herd. Lynn takes you on a journey with the herd who share life at Moon Mountain.

This book could change your life with horses. Based on science through ethology, the daily life of the herd gives you a window on horse behaviour as it is in the wild. You will meet and get to know each horse with their own personality and emotions.

Mindful of how the song lines and dreaming paths for the Kabi Kabi have largely been lost, a series of books on re-wilding Moon Mountain is being written.

Stories, experiences, events can be lost, or history can be re-invented, misinterpreted. To continue to influence the future direction of the Sanctuary and to provide some understanding of the close connection between art, design, wildlife, ecosystems, country, people and horses, Lynn and Ron are documenting life at Moon Mountain. They are guides as to how Lynn and Ron envisage the continuation of the daring vision they have initiated.

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