Moon Mountain Sanctuary

Moon Mountain Sanctuary

A Horse Story of Wildness

Moon Mountain Sanctuary

Living with Wild Horses

Living with wild Horses

Moon Mountain Sanctuary

Moon Mountain Sanctuary

A place of harmony and connection

A place of inspiration, where art and design create an energy and beauty that touches the human emotions. Sculptures co-exist with the horses and nature.

A place where horses are free to reconnect with their wildness and to live in a herd and build deep and meaningful relationship.

A place where nature is allowed to take care of itself, and the natural processes shape the garden and the land and repair damaged ecosystems.

Wildness determines the rhythm of life at Moon Mountain

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About Us

A life beyond the all-consuming power of work has enabled Lynn and Ron Scott to fulfill a dream and vision of creating a place of beauty and inspiration based on wildness.

Dreams reach reality through passion and commitment. Lynn and Ron’s legacy will be a farm where art, nature and horses show it is possible to live harmoniously. It is a legacy based on thinking about lifestyle farms in a way that celebrates the contribution of people, art, nature, and animals to create a place based on re-wilding principles.

Now in their 70’s. Lynn and Ron are passionate about starting a conversation that explores these connections. In 2014, they bought a farm in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast Australia, a left-over relict from the dairy and beef farming days.

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Moon Mountain Sanctuary

Art and Design

Art takes many forms at Moon Mountain. Layered with this is the human search for beauty through creation. Sculptures dot the land, and each piece is carefully placed with the energy and forces of the sculpture and life forces guiding the creation of the Moon Mountain sculpture park. ​

The collection of sculptures created by both Australian and International artists is scattered throughout the farm. The visitor is led on an exploration of art that flows with the environment and enhances the natural energy of the land and can simply bring a moment of pleasure and inspiration to people’s lives.

The sculpture park started in the social isolation of Covid. Artists invited to Moon Mountain were chosen for their whimsical approach to life to show that life could still be joyous and fun. Now the artists invited to be part of Moon Mountain sculpture park are asked to bring a different interpretation of life to the collection.

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Moon Mountain

A Garden based on Wildness

Gardens represent the ultimate control of nature by humans. Gardens reflect the driving desire for people to control, change manipulate to create beds of flowering beauty. Such order pleases the human eye.

Such controlled order doesn’t exist in the wild and the garden at Moon Mountain has taken its inspiration from the wild ecosystem on the Sunshine Coast.

Who does a garden exist for? The human inhabitants or the wildlife in all its living forms? A garden for humans relies on order, mass plantings, weed eradication, swathes of water hungry lawns. An English parkland or cottage garden springs to mind.

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